Cangzhou Seven thermal insulation materials is located in Cangzhou city, Hebei province,which is focusing on thermal insulation materials.Main products are rock wool and glass wool.

We are committed to offering excellent solution for building insulation,ship insulation and pipe insulation in worldwide.Hope all customers around the world could enjoy economical and practical thermal insulation materials.

We are always working with EPC company and has branch offices in many big cities in China,such as Chengdu city,Hohhot city,our people often visit the building site to solve client’s question.So we have abundant experience in the application of our products.

At 7 TI, we’re also very proud of our customer service. You’ll always get a real person on the phone, and we’re happy to answer any question about technical specifications,package,delivery…Because our international sales are graduated from  international trading major,we also have many years experience for international business.

How and when you need it, please give us a calling!