Common misunderstandings about rock wool

Common misunderstandings about rock wool

Rock wool is very common thermal insulation materials.It’s widely used in our building or house.

When people choose or use rock wool,there is also some common misunderstandings about rock wool.

  1. The higher density,the better quality

Density is a important parameter of rockwool.Density also have big influence on the price of rockwool.Some people think the higher density,the better quality,it’s not absolute.Density is only one parameter of rockwool,other parameters,such as heat conductivity coefficient,tenacity will also affect quality.For example,when the rockwool is used together with keel,high density rockwool will be very tough,it couldn’t seal well with keel.

As the requirement for energy saving is higher and higher,especial for passive house,in normal,it need thick thermal insulation layer,if the density is very high,the weight is also very high,it will be very hard to install for workers.So based on meeting property requirement,it’s better to choose lower density rockwool.

  1. The higher acidity coefficient,the better quality

Acidity coefficient could be a parameter to distinguish rockwool and slag wool,once the Acidity coefficient is higher than 1.6,it could effective distinguish rockwool and slag wool.Reasonable Acidity coefficient could guarantee flexibility and continuity,it also affect strength,hydrophobicity,breathability.Once Acidity coefficient is too high,it’s hard to guarantee these properties.In addition,high acidity coefficient will increase the manufacturing cost.

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