Fire performance of thermal insulation materials

Thermal insulation materials are widely used in buildings,it could save lots of energy and cost,reduce greenhouse effect…Fire performance of thermal insulation materials is very important issue for buildings,we could hear some news that some buildings suffer fire disaster because of unreasonable thermal insulation materials,good thermal insulation material could not 100% avoid fire,but it could limit or insulate the fire in certain time.So it’s very important to choose suitable thermal materials.

Regarding fireproof building materials,there is many standards,the most popular standard is  EN 13501 and GB8624.

According to GB8624,there is four class for fire Performance.Following is the class.

Class A,no burning

Class B1,difficult-flammable

Class B2,combustible

Class B3,inflammable

Which thermal material could meet class A?

Rock wool,mineral wool,slag wool,glass wool,foamed ceramics,calcium silicate insulating materials,Closed Cell Perlite.

Which material could meet class B1 and B2?

Rubber foam, XPS and EPS. XPS and EPS is made from polystyrene,polystyrene is inflammable,but through adding fire retardant,it could meet B1 and B2.

According to EN 13501,the fire performance is class A,A1,B,C,D,E.

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