How to reduce heating costs in winter?

In order to reduce the pollution,more and more families turn to using gas or electricity for heating in winters.In the Northern regions,the winter is at least 3 months,heating is very important part for every family.How to reduce heating costs in winter?

1,Clean the heating pipe line in necessary.if the water in heating pipe is not cleaned long time,there may be much incrustation or rust,the heating will be discount.In this year,my family spend 150RMB to clean our pipe,our heating costs reduce at least 10% every week.

2,Good insulation could reduce heating cost.Some house don’t have good insulation,they have to use much more gas to keep the house in warmly temperature.The insulation of house commonly include 3 parts: wall insulation ,roof insulation and windows. For wall insulation,it could use rock wool board or glass wool board,it has good advantages of fireproof.For roof insulation,the regular insulation materials are XPS board,EPS board,rock wool.Windows are also will affect the sealing of house.More and more people choose double-glazing windows.

Hope this two opinions could help you.

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