Hydrophobicity of rock wool

Hydrophobicity of rock wool

Hydrophobicity of rock wool is important technical specification to evaluate the quality of rock wool.

Hydrophobicity is the physical property of a molecule that is seemingly repelled from a mass of water.What is the hydrophobic nature rate of  rock wool? The sample is sprayed in a prescribed manner by a certain flow of water.The rate of volume is not occupied by water.According to GB/T25975,the rate of rock wool is not bigger than 98%.

Hydrophobicity of rock wool

What is the significance of hydrophobic nature rate?

Higher hydrophobic nature rate means that the rock wool will keep away from mildew in long term. It could ensure the safety and durability of the insulation system.Rock wool doesn’t corrode the metal structures .It doesn’t promote the growth of fungi, molds and bacteria.In additional,water could corrode the fiber.If the hydrophobic nature rate is lower,the fiber of rock wool may shatter in short time.The property of insulation will be reduce a lot.

Compared with hydrophobic nature rate,there is another data of water to evaluate the quality of rock wool.It’s water absorption volume rate.According to GB/T25975 and ASTM C276,the max rate is both 5%.

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