inorganic insulation mortar

More regions forbid inorganic insulation mortar

Inorganic insulation mortar is incombustible and cheap thermal insulation materials,so it occupied large market shares in outer wall buildings,special in Shanghai and Zhejiang Province.But as time goes,more and more regions forbid inorganic insulation mortar.

In Feb 2014,Wuhan city forbid design and use of inorganic insulation mortar

In April 2015,Shandong , Hefei and Fujian limit to use inorganic insulation mortar

In August 2016,Fuyang city forbid  inorganic insulation mortar.

inorganic insulation mortar

Why inorganic insulation mortar is always forbidden?

  1. It’s much more difficult to control the quality of  inorganic insulation mortar than traditional thermal insulation board.
  2. Frequent quality problems,such as fall off,Cracking , leakage and hollow
  3. There is more and more better   materials in lieu of inorganic insulation mortar.

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