KTV soundproof materials

KTV soundproof materials

More and more peoples prefer to get together in KTV for party,enjoy singing and meeting.In one KTV,there is many rooms,the music and singing is very loud,but every room usually could only sound their own singing and don’t affect each other.Why they can’t hear loud sound from others?

Because KTV is decorated by soundproof materials.

What kind of soundproof materials?

The most effective material material is soundproofing acoustic rubber foam.It’s specifically use for soundproof.

KTV soundproof materials
soundproof foam

What’s the advantage of rubber foam?

  1. excellent soundproof
  2. Excellent sound absorbing
  3. Closed cell,good waterproof
  4. fire resistant: class B1

It is widely used in KTV, cinemas, dance halls, recording studio, listening rooms  etc.

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