glass wool blanket

Packaging:Heat-shrinking plastic or according to customer

Delivery:  14 to 30 days

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glass wool blanket for heat insulation

glass wool blanket

Place of Origin: Hebei, China

Type:  Heat Insulation Materials

Material: Fiberglass

Color: Yellow

Density: 10-96kg/m3

Thermal conductibility:0.034-0.042W/m.k


Moisture rate≤5%

Water content≤1%

Average fiber dia:5-8μm

Slag inclusion   content≤0.3%

Grade of combustibility:class A

Thickness: 20-150mm

Length: 1200~30000mm

Width: 600~1200mm

Centrifugal glass wool: Thin and long inner fiber

Highest Working Temperature: 350C

OEM: Support

Usage of glass wool blanket:

building materials , and steel structure insulation

soundproof and fireproof  used for wall and roof

Heat insulation for steel structure building

Heat Insulation for wall and roof to save energy


Good  Fire-proof  performance

Excellent  Damp-proof  property

Excellent rebound property

Low moisture absorption; stable physical properties.
Sound absorption and noise reduction; it can effectively prevent sound from spreading.

Non-poison,Easy for construction; cutting at will.

Low moisture absorption; stable physical properties.