Rock wool blanket with Wire Mesh

Density: 80-120 kg/m³
Raw materials: Basalt
Thickness: 25-100mm
Asbestos: 100% Non Asbestos
Function: Thermal insulation, Sound absorption

Rock wool blanket with Wire Mesh is made from natural rock such as basalt ,dolomite.

The advantages is low thermal conductivity,Non-combustible,Good sound absorption, no corrosion,waterproof and easy to cut and install.

It’s widely used in pipe insulation,ship insulation,pressure vessel insulation etc.

rock wool blanket with wire mesh

Specification of Rock wool blanket :

Density 60-120kg/m3
Length 3-10m
Width 600/1200mm
Thickness 25-100mm
Facing wire mesh or aluminum foil

Technical property:

Propertities Value Standard
Fiber Diameter 5±1μm ASTM E84/UL 723
Moisture Absorption ≤0.04% by Vol ASTM C1104
Hydrophobicity ≥99.7%
Melting Point >1000
Service temperature 350-650 ASTM C411
Bulk Density Tolerence ±10% AS 1530.4-1997/ISO 834 ASTM E119/JIS A 1304/BS 476:Pt22
Shot Content ≤5(%Coarse shot size≥0.25mm) ASTM E84
≤30%(Ultimate shot size≥0.063mm) UL 723
Combustion Performance Non-combustible ENISO1182
Reation to fire-Class A1 EN13501-1
Thermal Conductivity (Average Temp 20) ≤0.04W/mk GB/T 19686-2005