Mineral wool board

Advantage of Mineral wool board
1.Good fire resistant and non-combustible: adds extra minutes of fire safety to exterior and basement walls

2.excellent sound insulation performance

3.Vapor permeable and water resistant

4.High recycled content, made from natural basalt



Mineral Wool Board is  very popular and economical thermal insulation materials.Our Mineral Wool Boards are widely used in following region:

Industry power plant,chemical plant,furnace thermal insulation,ovens, ducts, boilers, vessels, tanks, and equipment thermal insulation
Building building external wall thermal insulation,roof,panel wall,isolation strip thermal insulation
Marine insulating/fire protection of bulkheads, wall and ceiling assemblies,ducts, mufflers, and exhaust stacks
Agriculture soilless culture

Specification of Mineral Wool Board:

Incombustibility Grade A
thermal conductivity 0.038-0.042 w/m.k
Average fiber diameter ≤ 7.0 um
Color Yellow
Hydrophobicity ≥98%
Thickness 25-100mm
Density 40-180kg/m3
Dimension 1200-2400mm * 600mm
Highest working temperature 600℃
Raw material Basalt



PE shrink film or according to customer