Rock wool manufacturing process

Rock wool manufacturing process

Rock wool is very familiar thermal insulation materials,which is wide used in building and industry.How is rockwool produced?What is the Rockwool manufacturing process?

Rock wool manufacturing process includes following steps.

1.Raw material batching

The main raw material of rock wool is basalt,besides basalt,there is also some percents of dolomite or slags.

The main elements of basalt is SiO2 and Al2O3,it’s acidic oxide.

The main elements of dolomite is CaO,MgO and CO 2 ,CaO and MgO is basic oxide.

The raw materials will affect the acidity coefficient.

acidity coefficient =( SiO2 + Al2O3 )/(CaO + MgO)

acidity coefficient is bigger,it’s harder to produce rockwool,the chemical property of rockwool is more stable,the fiber is thicker.

acidity coefficient is smaller,it’s easier to produce,chemical property is lower and fiber could be slimmer.

2.Melting the raw materials

The raw materials will be put into cupola for melt.


After melting,the liquid will be made to fiber by high speed spinning machine.


The fibers are collected to wool.

Rock wool manufacturing process


Pendulum machine fold the wool to increase the thickness.

Rock wool manufacturing process



Rock wool manufacturing process

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