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Ships insulation materials

Ships insulation materials is mainly used for Refractory isolation,cabin insulation,high-temperature pipe insulation,deck and freezer.Its quality will affect the safety and life of ship members.Here we will introduce the common insulation materials used in ships.

1.Rock wool

Rock wool is the most consumable materials of marine freezer.Rock wool could be made to felt,bar,sheet and tube.It’s also used in roof,light wall,cabin…The reason why rock wool is widely used in ships is that rock wool is good thermal insulation material and fireproof materials.The cost is also low. wool

The density of glass wool could be much smaller than rock wool,so it could reduce the weight of ship. In the 1970s,It’s used in united states navy’s cabin and submarine.Because it can’t work in high temperature,so it’s mainly used in normal temperature pipeline.

Ships insulation materials

3.ceramic wool

In China,ceramic wool is produced from 1970s.It’s mainly used for high temperature power pipeline in ship or cabin requiring high fire resistance rating materials.

ceramic wool

4.rigid PU (polyurethane)foam

PU foam is excellent insulation materials used in low temperature or super low temperature.It’s largely applied for joint filling of pipe insulation,board insulation,cold room and cabin wall.

PU foam

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