The application of rock wool insulation

What’s the application of rock wool insulation?Rock wool  is one kind of mineral wool insulation,which is widely applied in all walks of life.It’s mainly applied in four big industries as folowing:

1.Building and energy conservation

Rock wool is Class A fireproof material, which is widely used in exterior insulation systems. The application of rock wool in construction mainly includes three kinds of application forms,external wall insulation, fire barrier and roof insulation.

application of rock wool

2.Industry thermal insulation

Rock wool is semi – rigid material,it could be made to different shape,so it’s suitable for different shapes of industry equipment or facilities,such as pipe,tee,elbow,valves,furnace wall.

application of rock wool

3.Ship building/Marine

Rockwool sandwich panels are widely used in cabin.


Soilless culture technology already develop over 100 years,Denmark, France, the United States, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands,more any more countries use Agricultural rock wool for Soilless culture.

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