acidity coefficient

What is acidity coefficient of mineral wool?

Acidity coefficient of mineral wool is (SiO2 + Al2O3)/(CaO + MgO)

It is important parameter to evaluate the quality of mineral wool.Mineral wool includes basalt rock wool and slag wool.Acidity coefficient will affect the waterproof..If the Acidity coefficient is too low,the waterproof will be poor,the fiber is easy to broke and smash.

The raw material will affect acidity coefficient ,main raw material is basalt,dolomite or slags.

The main elements of basalt is SiO2 and Al2O3;the main elements of dolomite is CaO,MgO and CO 2 ,CaO and MgO is basic oxide.

Acidity coefficient is not as higher as better,if it  is too high,the production cost will be higher,mineral will be very expensive,so the acidity coefficient is  suitable as better.

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