What is the difference between XPS and EPS?

XPS insulation and EPS insulation are popular thermal insulation materials,which are widely used for wall,roof,steel structure,square Floor…


What is the difference between them?


XPS insulation is short for Extruded polystyrene insulation.

EPS insulation is Expanded polystyrene insulation

From their full name,we could know their features.XPS is extruded and EPS is expanded.


XPS is produced through an extrusion process.This production process is to melt together the plastic resin and other materials. The liquid formed is continuously extruded  during the cooling process. And XPS insulation is a closed cell rigid insulation.


EPS insulation is produced through a mould which contains small foam beads. Heating mould to cause the small beads to expand and fuse together. This Production process does not form a closed cell insulation, there can often be voids between each of the beads where they are not touching each other.

The difference in application

1.Thermal conductivity:

XPS ≤0.034W/(m.k),EPS≤0.04W/(m.k),to realize same thermal insulation,the thickness of EPS must be bigger than XPS.

2.mechanical property:

The strength of XPS is bigger than EPS,so XPS could bear higher pressure than EPS;tenacity of EPS is better than XPS,so EPS is more flexible and could bend bigger degree without broken.

3.Water absorption:

XPS is better than EPS.

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