What should be paid more attention to use rock wool board?

Rock wool board is made from stone in high temperature.It’s very popular thermal insulation and fireproof material.What should be paid more attention to use it?

rock wool board

  1. Please notice weather forecast in advance and avoid construction in raining day
  2. If it’s used to cold insulation,damp-proof course is necessary. And damp-proof course must be fireproof.
  3. When the temperature is  higher than certain  degree,for example,over 200℃,It’s necessary to add protector  to keep the unit weight and thickness of rock wool board.
  4. It’s necessary to use insulation nails to fasten on big size equipment.
  5. Rock wool is easy to suffer abrasion in outdoor,it’s better to cover plastic or metal to protect it.
  6. The joint ends must sealing tightly to avoid thermal bridge.

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